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New patients are always welcome at Hilton Dental, a family dental practice serving Charleston, SC. In order to save you time, please print and fill out the following forms and bring them with you to your first visit.

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Thank you – Our “Patient Referral Reward Program” has grown out of our desire to say thank you for entrusting our office to care for your family and friends. Call us today to find out just how we can say thanks!

I was so impressed with my first visit with The Hilton Dental family. Everyone was so professional, and friendly, and they made me feel comfortable. The best part was that I was able to have my crown made and fitted right in the office. How cool is that??? Thank you Dr. Hilton and staff

Regina Heyward

I won the contest for an in office Sinsational teeth whitening! I went in and I was immediately greeted by the nicest ladies in the whole wide world!! So sweet. Eliza took me to the back and got me comfortable. She even put on Netflix for me. My teeth look and feel amazing. Dr. Hilton even told me what I need to do to keep a sturdy mouth and maintain nice teeth. I’m so excited about my teeth. People instantly noticed them as soon as I left. Thanks Hilton Dental Family!!

Démere Cooper

Professional and courteous, I have tried other dentist in the area and Hilton Dental far surpasses them in quality of work.

Mark Dobbs

I haven’t been to the dentist in 4 years. I was very worried but felt right at home upon walking in. Ashley was very polite and attentive. Eliza was my hygienist and made me feel comfortable even though I was completely overwhelmed and a little scared. She explained the process to me before getting started so I knew what to expect. I loved how advanced the technology was and I could see exactly what they saw. No one made me feel bad for not having regular cleanings over…I needed more than a standard cleaning due to my lack of dental care over the past few years and everyone including Dr. Hilton wanted to make sure I understood what was needed and why. He also did a full oral exam which reminded me that oral care includes more than just your teeth and is vital to the rest of your body. They also made sure I knew the cost ahead of time (don’t try to repo my fillings). Debbie is amazing! She explained my insurance to me and it felt like talking to a good friend I’ve known for years. Sorry for the long story, but I cannot say enough about this team and how great they made me feel. It’s weird to say, but I can’t wait to go back again to finish my treatments. 🙂 See More the past few years. They just wanted to get me and my mouth healthy again.

Laura Boling

I usually dread going to the dentist…even for a routine cleaning! I am glad to say that I have found a dentist that is INCREDIBLE: Dr Ray Hilton! I highly recommend Hilton Dental! Every employee on Hilton Dental staff was exceptionally friendly and professional. When I was cold, they brought a warm blanket. When I was thirsty, I received a chilled bottle of water. When I was anxious, I received kind words, thorough explanations of every procedure, and gentle touch. Dr Hilton has an incredible chair-side manner and put me at ease. As for the dreaded Novocaine shot…. I did not feel even a pinch…amazing!! He explained each step of the procedure. He serves his patients with kindness. I have absolutely no hesitations: I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ray Hilton.

Sandy Martin

We are a retired Canadian couple traveling the US. On Thursday my wife developed toothache and knowing no-one in the area I phoned around to find a dentist. Hilton Dental gave us an immediate appointment, and the examination established that a root canal was required. They arranged an immediate appointment with a root canal specialist and emailed over her X-rays. We were able to arrange all subsequent treatment (root canal, cap, etc) with exquisite ease, thanks to Hilton’s professional care and efficient administration. We are extremely happy with everyone we dealt with at Hilton’s. Thanks very much, guys!

Brian Jones